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If you’re searching for a device that performs like a champ without any of the fancy gimmicks that we all know just compound the possible problems you could have then the LE80 might just be the answer to your problem. The price point alone makes it the clear winner between it and other “HEX” type devices. The LE80 has one of the most unique and comfortable designs to be introduced into the market.

Originality is the key word when discussing the shape and button placement you will encounter when you pick up the LE80. None of the issues with supposedly “high end” mass produced housings many modders choose to pass off as “their” new device. You also reap the benefit of larger production runs that help keep the costs down and availability open.

Variable voltage reigns supreme for the true vape purist. No fancy calculations or confusing displays only the information you need. Don’t worry about changing the voltage either just simply turn the twist style potentiometer since it isn’t recessed but instead sticks out just enough to gain easy control. Hex control got you down? Your saving grace is here.

Your wallet will surely agree on your inclination to purchase this mod long before thoughts of F5 wars and selling blood to thicken your pocketbook enter your dreams. Other “ohm” labeled mods have questionable connections with absolutely no drip well. I don’t know about you but I love the security of having a designated spot on my 510 connection for errant liquid to pool instead of running down into my device. The magnet sliding door allows a battery change with ease. No fingernails required.

In short, this mod will make your experience easier and cheaper. Don’t be fooled into spending your hard earned green backs and pick it up.

Features a spring loaded 510 connector; Supports: 0.2ohm ~ 5.0ohm atomizers; TWIST STYLE POTENTIOMETER for increasing and decreasing operating voltage 3.3V ~ 6.0V; 3 STAGE SHIFTER LED CONTROL Up: vaping output voltage, Middle: device is off, Bottom: remaining battery capacity; LED DISPLAY 3 digit display for operating voltage or battery capacity in percent; CHARGING Uses two 18650 batteries, 30 amp or higher battery and independant charger required; Overcharge/Discharge Protection Also protects against: short circuit, currents, low voltage, low resistance and temperature